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Terms and Conditions

                Terms and Conditions

We have negotiated the best possible rates for our guests and there are no hidden extras or booking fees involved. These are our own general Terms & Conditions, which covers general payment and booking terms:

1. Reservation
Select a property and we will confirm its availability. We then require a completed signed Booking Form and a Travel Details Form that can be E-mailed to us. These can also be accessed on our web-site and submitted to us.
Important - On the booking form, please ensure that your e-mail address is correct. If your e-mail address is incorrectly typed in, we will be unable to respond to your request.
Upon receipt of the Booking Form, we will confirm the reservation. The confirmation will contain the name, address, telephone and if applicable email of the contact person.
Note: Your e-mail confirmation will usually be with you the same day or on the following morning. We will always try to get the confirmation to you as soon as possible.
Any changes or special requests concerning the lease must be accepted via email by us prior to the tenant’s arrival at the rented accommodation.

3. Pricing
All prices stated are per day. The consumption of water, electricity and gas in the apartment is included in the total price. The extra services – parking fee, taxi transfer, are to be added to the rental price.

4. Payment
We require full payment on the day of   arrival, or the balance of rent can be paid by Bank Transfer. If you wish to increase the number of nights in the apartment, you will be charged the same rate per person per night as in your original booking. However please note that there will be no modification of the price for any decrease to the number of nights after the original reservation is made.

5. Arrival and Departure
Tenants can arrive at the rented accommodation on the agreed day of arrival between the hours: 14.00-20.00 (deviations from these arrival hours must be confirmed by us  by email before arrival). Any change in arrival time must be reported to us prior to the arrival. In case of an unexpected late arrival, the tenant must inform us.

If we or our representative should wait beyond the agreed arrival time, we can demand a "late arrival” fee. At the time of arriving the tenant must show us or our representative his and his fellow-travelers’ identity certificates. If there is a change as concerns the specific individuals who are staying at the rented accommodation during the tenant's stay in the rental home, we or our representative may require that the tenant leaves the rental home without any right to compensation. The tenant must leave the rented accommodation between the hours: 08.00-12.00 (unless otherwise agreed in writing by e-mail), after having handed over the keys to the rented accommodation, thus an inspection and control of the rental home can be performed.

6. Security Deposit
The tenant must pay a security deposit. The deposit must be paid in Euros, as stated under the booking information, upon receipt of the keys to the rented accommodation. The renter is responsible during his/her stay in the accommodation for the condition of the accommodation. As such he/she is responsible for any type of breakage, deterioration or loss that is produced in the apartment, furniture, appliances, keys etc. We can demand the payment of the object, deterioration's and/or damages caused which will be deducted from the deposit and if this does not cover the costs the renter must pay the difference. Also the renter promises the respect the rules of the accommodation and those of the neighbor’s'. The renter promises to communicate immediately with the contact person any damage, breakage or loss that is produced. The deposit will be refunded to the tenant immediately after departure from the rented accommodation, unless damages caused on the rental home or other additional costs lead to partial or total retention of the security deposit.

7. Cleaning
The tenants are responsible for their own housekeeping based on a stay of up to 7 nights. For longer stays cleaning, bed linen and towels once a week are included in price. The renter promises to return the apartment in the same state of cleanliness as when he entered except for dirtiness incurred through normal and acceptable use of the accommodation. When the tenant arrives, the rented accommodation will be in a clean and tidy condition.

8. Electricity, Water and Heating Consumption
Electricity, heating, and water consumption are included in the rental price.

9. Pets
Pets are not allowed access to the rental accommodation unless we explicit by e-mail have accepted the presence of such in the rented home.

10. The Tenant’s Obligations
The tenant is responsible for the proper conduct and behavior during his stay in the rented accommodation.
If the tenant's behavior should happen to deviate from this code, we or our representative has the right to immediately ask the tenant to leave the rented accommodation. The tenant is in such cases not entitled to any compensation for the rental amount which has already been paid.

11. Complaints
The descriptions of the rental homes are made in good faith. If the tenant has any complaints to make in relation to a rented accommodation, he has to make them on the day of arrival and he must confirm his complaints in writing within 24 hours after arrival. Telephone: +381643365035. E-mail address:
Complaints will not be processed or accepted unless the procedure mentioned above has been followed. We have the right to inspect the rental home in order to obtain confirmation of the tenant's complaint.
If the complaint is accepted, the tenant will be compensated proportionately. In special cases, the we reserve the right to move the tenant to another rental home. If the rental price of this replacement home is less than the rental price of the original rental accommodation, the tenant will be compensated for the difference. If the rental price of the replacement home is higher than that of the original rental home, we will pay the additional costs. If the tenant accepts a replacement accommodation, no additional compensation can be required by the tenant.
If the tenant leaves the rented accommodation before we have had the opportunity to investigate the cause of a complaint, the tenant loses every right to compensation. If the tenant complaints at a time when he does not occupy the rented home, the tenant loses the right to compensation. We will not accept complaints about a rental home which are related to weather conditions, presence of insects, temporary water or electricity shortages, or other circumstances caused by force majeure.

12. Equipment
Our rental apartments have fully equipped kitchens with refrigerator and stove. The bedrooms are equipped with duvets and pillows, bed linen and towels. High chairs and cots can be provided for an additional cost of 15 Euros per unit.

13. Cancellation
To cancel a reservation, please contact us as soon as possible by telephone or email, quoting your booking reference number – number of the apartment. We will then make the cancellation with the apartments. If any cancellation charges apply, we will liaise with the apartments on your behalf to try to reduce them to a minimum, and will contact you to confirm what (if anything) will be charged to you. If we are forced by circumstances on which we have no influence to make a change in rental accommodation, we will offer the tenant a similar or better rental accommodation. If the price of this alternative rental home is lower than that of the originally rented accommodation, we will refund the difference to the tenant. If the price is higher than that of the originally rented accommodation, we will cover the price difference.


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