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Accommodation in Belgrade

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There is a huge variety of hotel, hostel and apartment accommodation in Belgrade to suit every taste and budget, and it is really a thankless and nearly impossible task to list them all here. However, when it comes to services and amenities that hotels, hostels and apartments in Belgrade offer, they vary and depend on their target markets, size, and categorization (the latter is particularly true of hotels). HOTELS There are several types of hotels in Belgrade that cater to …

Valentine’s Day in Belgrade

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Whether you like it or not, support it or not, celebrate it or not, can’t wait for it to come or can’t wait for it to pass, Valentine’s Day does bring up warm and fuzzy feelings in most people, regardless of their dating status, with all those heart-shaped chocolates, greeting cards, flustered men carrying bouquets of flowers and ‘I love you’ balloons while hurrying to get to their better halves and show them that long-awaited surprise. Valentine’s Day is a …