Accommodation in Belgrade

There is a huge variety of hotel, hostel and apartment accommodation in Belgrade to suit every taste and budget, and it is really a thankless and nearly impossible task to list them all here. However, when it comes to Read more

Valentine’s Day in Belgrade

Whether you like it or not, support it or not, celebrate it or not, can’t wait for it to come or can’t wait for it to pass, Valentine’s Day does bring up warm and fuzzy feelings in most people, Read more


Norwegian author Ole Brodersen will present his exhibition Trespassing at the Street Gallery, series of photographs will be exhibit until the 14th of June. The series “Trespassing” explores encounters between human and nature. Human-made objects are placed into a landscape, Read more

Beyonce in Belgrade

One of the biggest R & B stars nowadays, Beyoncé Knowles will have a concert on 15 April 2013 in Kombank Arena, Belgrade. Beyoncé’s world tour starring right here, with concert in Belgrade.  With stops in twenty European cities, including Read more

10th Belgrade Dance Festival

The 10th Belgrade Dance Festival, which this year takes place from 5th to 19th April, includes performances of the world’s greatest choreographers and dance companies, but also support local dancers, educators, choreographers and young ballet talents. In 2006, the Read more

Guitar Art Festival and Concha Buika

 From 12 to 17 March Guitar Art Festival was founded in 2000 and today represents a professional and expert event that gathers classical guitarists of all kinds: amateurs, primary and secondary music schools pupils, students, as well as their teachers Read more

Nikola Tesla Museum

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One of Belgrade’s more interesting museums is the Nikola Tesla Museum.

Nikola Tesla Museum is a unique institution of science and culture in Serbia and in the world. It is the only museum in the world which preserves the original and personal inheritance of Nikola Tesla. The museum preserving the complete heritage of the greatest Serbian scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla and it owns over 160,000 original documents, several thousand publications and over 1,200 historic and technical exhibits.

As the institution which preserves the most abundant in the world collection of documents on life and work of Nikola Tesla, the Museum plays a significant role in providing abundant information to the researchers of history of science, inventions and patent rights as well as for environmental protection projects and studies of pollution-free energy sources. Read more

Reka – Fish restaurant

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Adress: Kej oslobođenja 73b, Beograd

Work time: 07:00h – 04:00h

Reserve: +381-64-0133300



Restaurant “Reka” is a synonym for good times in Belgrade. This restaurant became an oasis during the nineteen for all of those who couldn’t forget the good Belgrade spirit: heart-warming friendship, good times with rock n roll, pop and evergreen music, welcoming guest with a rich menu, and the Belgrade spirit which meant hospitality to anyone with a good soul. This restaurant on the Zemun riverside has   an authentic interior and a warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Every evening you can enjoy hearing Belgrade’s best bands playing, live music makes romantic sounds for you from 22h – 02h.

Need some inspiration for your stay in Belgrade?  We definitely recommend you to have the time of your life in restaurant “Reka” and to enjoy in our Belgrade Apartments

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