Nikola Tesla Museum

One of Belgrade’s more interesting museums is the Nikola Tesla Museum.

Nikola Tesla Museum is a unique institution of science and culture in Serbia and in the world. It is the only museum in the world which preserves the original and personal inheritance of Nikola Tesla. The museum preserving the complete heritage of the greatest Serbian scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla and it owns over 160,000 original documents, several thousand publications and over 1,200 historic and technical exhibits.

As the institution which preserves the most abundant in the world collection of documents on life and work of Nikola Tesla, the Museum plays a significant role in providing abundant information to the researchers of history of science, inventions and patent rights as well as for environmental protection projects and studies of pollution-free energy sources.

The Museum is located in the heart of Belgrade, in a beautiful residential villa built in 1929, designed by the notable Serbian architect Dragisa Brasovan.

The archives from Tesla’s heritage were listed in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register in 2003.


Seven decades of Nikola Tesla’s death

The Belgrade Nikola Tesla Museum keeps the stylised urn containing Tesla’s remains.

World Marks 70th Anniversary Of Death Of World’s Greatest Inventor, famous investigator, scientist  and founder of modern technological civilization – Nikola Tesla. Tesla spent his last years leading a quiet life. He died aged 86 on January 7, 1943 in New York. As he died in the midst of World War II, in early 1943, he was buried at the New York cemetery after the service held in the Serbian Cathedral Church of Saint John the Theologian in Manhattan.

Nikola Tesla, a genius with visionary mind was born in Smiljane, in Lika (part of Austria at the time) on July 10, 1856. in the family of Orthodox Serb priest Milutin Tesla, and his mother also came from another clerical family, the Mandics, from the vicinity of Gracac.

Tesla symbolizes a unifying force and inspiration for all nations in the name of peace and science. He was a true visionary far ahead of his contemporaries in the field of scientific development.

The history remembers him as the author of the first alternating current hydro-power plant erected at the Niagara Falls, as well as he was the first to demonstrate a ship wireless distance control. Nikola Tesla explored the Earth electromagnetic field, and is also linked to the X-Rays discovery, to the possibility of breaking of an atomic nucleus by means of electrostatic high-voltage generators and with many other, still insufficiently revealed, accomplishments.

In his memory, on the occasion of his 100th birth anniversary, the unit for magnetic induction (magnetic flow density) was named tesla.

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