Accommodation in Belgrade

There is a huge variety of hotel, hostel and apartment accommodation in Belgrade to suit every taste and budget, and it is really a thankless and nearly impossible task to list them all here. However, when it comes to Read more

Valentine’s Day in Belgrade

Whether you like it or not, support it or not, celebrate it or not, can’t wait for it to come or can’t wait for it to pass, Valentine’s Day does bring up warm and fuzzy feelings in most people, Read more


Norwegian author Ole Brodersen will present his exhibition Trespassing at the Street Gallery, series of photographs will be exhibit until the 14th of June. The series “Trespassing” explores encounters between human and nature. Human-made objects are placed into a landscape, Read more

Beyonce in Belgrade

One of the biggest R & B stars nowadays, Beyoncé Knowles will have a concert on 15 April 2013 in Kombank Arena, Belgrade. Beyoncé’s world tour starring right here, with concert in Belgrade.  With stops in twenty European cities, including Read more

10th Belgrade Dance Festival

The 10th Belgrade Dance Festival, which this year takes place from 5th to 19th April, includes performances of the world’s greatest choreographers and dance companies, but also support local dancers, educators, choreographers and young ballet talents. In 2006, the Read more

Guitar Art Festival and Concha Buika

 From 12 to 17 March Guitar Art Festival was founded in 2000 and today represents a professional and expert event that gathers classical guitarists of all kinds: amateurs, primary and secondary music schools pupils, students, as well as their teachers Read more


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Considering the significance and the impact of the Edict of Milan on the all-encompassing church, state and social life since the age of Constantine the Great until our time and itseverlasting value and permanent actuality Nis City has declared the Year of 2013 the Official Year of Edict of Milan Anniversary Celebration. Events dedicated to the jubilee celebration will last throughout the year of 2013.

Constantine the Great (lat. Gaius Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus), was born in ancient city Naissus (modern Nis) in 274. AD. He is an important historical figure in the world and in Nis, well known not only as an emperor and wise military leader, but also as a great visionary and defender of Christianity.

The history of the world and of Christianity will forever remember him as the person who took Christianity from the catacombs and gladiator arenas and brought it to the light of day, paving the way for what is today one of the biggest world religions.


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Serbian Orthodox tradition, one of the marks that  characterized  the  Serbian  Orthodox  Church ,  the  most  stately day of the year for all Serbs of the Orthodox faith is Krsna Slava. That is an exclusively Serbian custom and plays a role of vital importance in the history of the Serbian people. Krsna Slava  is the celebration of the home Patron Saint, the celebration of the spiritual birthday of the Serbian people. It is a beautiful and unique expression of the Orthodox faith that is deeply implanted in the Serbian Christian soul.

All Serbs celebrate Slava, every family has their own patron saint that they celebrate on the feast day. Unlike most customs that are common for an entire people, each family separately celebrates its own saint; of course, there is quite a bit of overlap. It is inherited from the head of the household—normally the father—to sons. Daughters inherit the slava only if they stay in the home, while married women normally celebrate their husbands’ saint. Read more


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stevan stojanovic mokranjac

Traveling through east Serbia gives you a sensation of traveling through the time. It is hard to decide if east Serbia is richest with cultural-historic monuments or with natural beauties. In whole, this area is unique with its Vlah’s magic, legends and unusual customs. Read more

Orthodox Christmas

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Christmas is along Easter, one of the two biggest Christian holidays. Christmas is a day that celebrates the birth of Christ. Christmas, 7th of January, remains the first family household holiday. That is a three-day holiday primarily focusing on the home and family and this orthodox holiday is filled with the most beautiful religious customs and rituals.

The people are cheerful and happy, spending time in their homes and with the loved ones and during the Christmas people reconcile, forgive each other and not fight. Read more

Lepenski vir -Prehistoric age

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Lepenski vir, a unique prehistoric discovery is situated within The Iron Gate (Đerdap gorge), on the low terrace of the Danube River . That was the center of one of the most important cultures of the prehistory. Nothing comparable has ever been unearthed in relation to such early prehistoric periods in the Balkans and the Danube basin. The art of the pre-history settlement of Lepenski Vir – with unique stone sculptures of fish-like gods, captured the world’s attention. The most important finds in the well laid-out settlement are a number of monumental stone sculptures made some six to seven thousand years ago.

Read more